"Songs are superb, great awesome. Love to listen. Keep on rockin"

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"Your songs are amazing. Breakthrough is the best"

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"You're amazing Bree!! And you look/sound absolutely beautiful."

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"I love your songs and your look!"

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About Bree Rose

"Bree”, as everyone calls her, is a 17-year old singer and songwriter. Her songs reflect experiences on young love and relationships. Her writing expresses what comes from her heart, and eventually after emotion turns to word, word turns into voice, and her powerful vocals and unique sound reach out to a wide range of music-loving personalities. Her strong voice and lyrical prose set her apart from other female artists.

Of her most recent accomplishments, Bree has just finished co-writing and recording an EP, "Bree", which was released in January 2012. 
She also co-wrote for the album “When Poet’s Dream”, a CD she released as lead vocalist for the pop/punk band “The New Royalty”. Both Poet’s Dream and the new EP “Bree” can be found for sale on iTunes.

Bree was recently nominated top female vocalist by the Asbury Park Music Awards. She has performed with her band at many venues, such as Count Basie Theater for the Rockit for kids, Stone Pony, Trocadero Theatre and much more. She has performed at the Warped Tour and Bamboozle music festivals, and has donated time and performances to several charity events.

 Bree is currently focusing her energy on a collaborative work between herself and several other young artists for Ampleharvest.org. This group has come together to create songs that will inspire their collective audiences of the effort to bring more nutritional food to local food pantries. 

Bree has an enormous energy on stage, with her powerhouse vocals and her wild animation is fiercely contagious. By the end of each song the audience has joined in, jumping and dancing along. Her energy-packed performances are what keep people coming back show after show.
 She is excited about just releasing her solo project, which are her first songs as an individual artist. Her passion for music will spur her forward and her interests and experience will only grow. There’s no saying what is in store for Bree, but hard work and aspiring talent show that great things are within reach.


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